Ben Jarris

Motion Design & 3D Case Studies

Thank you for considering me for the role.
Below are some case studies showcasing my motion design and 3D work.


Motion, Animation & Micro Animations

I’ve been working in 2D & 3D motion graphics for 20 years now.  I have created fully animated cartoons, user interface transitions, interactivity and micro interactions for web and mobile.

Software I’ve utilised: After Effects, Lottie, Principal,,
Tumult Hype (HTML5 animations), Figma, Adobe Animate, Flash, Strata 3D, Spline

Realifex Microanimations & App Transitions

Realifex is a IOS and Android SaaS app for people with anxiety or depression, that allows users to record their emotions throughout the day and which events effected them.  This information then compiles a life journey which can be viewed by the mental health professional.

This video showcases some of the micro-animations and page transitions I created for the Realifex App that won the Webby award for best UX.

Animations and transitions designed and created in: Principle, After Effects & Lottie

After Effects & Lottie Micro-Animations & App Intros

This video includes various micro-animations for loaders & icon transitions.  It also includes some animated intro and graphics used primarily in apps created in AE and Lottie.

These animations were created for the following mobile apps, Movepal (Removals), Smylee (Events Management), MovingMindz (Fitness), Foodifox (Food Delivery), Ineda (E-commerce), Goodpods(Social Podcasting), Politicist (Social Politics).

Animations and Transitions designed and created in: Illustrator, After Effects & Lottie using the Bodymovin plug-in

Virdrobe Splash Animation

Virdrobe is an app that allows you to purchase clothes and then have someone come out and fit you in person within the hour; with multiple versions of the same outfit in different sizes.  The app is based in New York with plans to move to other US cities.

Created and animated in After Effects and Lottie.

Drop The Chicken 2 – Back to the Circus

I was the sole animator on this whole project.  I did all the character animations, object animations, promo videos and cartoons and well as designing all the characters, UI and UX for the app.  The app is available on the IOS apple appstore if you’d like to check it out.

Designed in: Illustrator and Photoshop           Animations Created in: Adobe Animate & After Effects


3D Modelling & Animation

I’ve worked a fair bit in 3D modelling.  Earlier in my career I worked in Strata Studio 3D to create 3D models that were used to produce physical products. I’ve also had experience building models and creating texture maps. In addition to this I love 3D printing and building all sorts of models with my children.

I’m pretty proficient in mesh modification, texture mapping, adding bones for animation, and working with cameras and lighting to get the desired effects.


Software I’ve used: For UI and UX primarily I’ve been using Spline which is a fantastic tool to create 3D models and animations for web and apps.  In the past I’ve also built models in Strata 3D and 3D Studio Max, Blender, Poser and Maya.

Interactive animated object for website

This was an interactive model created for AppNative for their website.  The object orbits and pans on hover and also animates without being jerky between user interactions.  The model had to load fast, so it wouldn’t slow down the page load, while being interactive.  Pretty simple but something I can show easily on web.

Designed in: Spline

AR/VR Podcast Player 3D Interface

This 3D interface was created as a proof of concept for the Goodpods project. It shows how a 3D player could function in AR and VR.  The demo can play 1 episode, and has working play and pause buttons and a logo the follows the users point of view. 

Designed in: Photoshop, Illustrator & Spline

Live SWMS SaaS Platform

Live SWMS is a product for safety officers in the construction industry that allows them to easily produce Safe Work Method Statements for High Risk Construction Work.

The mobile app and web platform needed to look as friendly as possible to encourage use on such a dry topic; the legals of construction safety.

This key aim was to increase compliance with builders and construction workers in signing off the SWMS before working, making sure they view at least the key points, and also making the SWMS process more streamlined for the safety officers.

3D illustrations designed in: Strata 3D and Blender
App designed in: Figma


TicketJam is an US Mobile app that allows users to track ticket prices and be alerted when there are price drops.  We used 3D illustrations to add some life to the app and help with instructions and onboarding.

3D illustrations designed in: Blender
App designed in: Figma

McFly Time Management SaaS Product

McFly is a new time tracking and project management solution that integrates user story generation and partners it with sprint planning, time tracking and task management.

3D illustrations designed in: Strata 3D and Blender
App designed in: Figma


Thanks for your time and for considering me for the role. cool